Дмитрий Новиков (diverspb) wrote,
Дмитрий Новиков

Воспоминания об Олимпиаде

Из переписки с моей немецкой переводчицей:

- Personally I am an old crock – I started watching the Olympics closely in 1984, so I consider snowboard as an ambiguous (not to say suspicious :) ) innovation and a courtesy to USA and Canada, to the disadvantage of old Winter Games Powers, namely Russia, Germany and Norway :) I prefer ski (both mountain and “normal”), biathlon, speed and figure skating, bobsleigh… However, I must admit that snowboarding is really entertaining :)

- Regarding the relatively new disciplines in the Olympic Games, a friend of mine has coined a special term for innovative sports like snowboarding etc : “Hedonistic nonsense”. ;-)

«Hedonistic nonsence» — Это прекрасно! Беру термин на вооружение :)
Tags: Олимпиада, смешное, язык
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